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General Tips

When choosing to purchase a mobility aid or related item, it is important to consider some questions in order to find the product most suitable for your/the user’s needs.

For one, ask how long you expect to be using the device. If you will only need your device for a short period of time, or only intend to use the device as a backup when you become fatigued, look for a device that can be easily stored and transported. Also consider HIRING from The Mobility Store's wide range of quality hire items. 

        Note: Consider how easy it is to move your aid in and out of vehicles, and whether the device will be easily accessible when you need it. 

On the other hand, if you expect to be using your aid twelve hours a day for the next ten years, then your priorities should be factors like ease-of-use, comfort, and the autonomy the device provides. If you expect to be physically active, you will also want to make sure you find a device that is durable and allows the maximum possible range of movement.

For all users, but particularly for elderly users and for users with muscular weakness, you should make sure you consider the weight and dimensions of the device you are purchasing. Make sure your choice will be easily moveable, and that you are fit and strong enough to operate your device. Especially if you intend to use the device for extended periods of time, be sure that doing so won’t cause you excessive fatigue. Even if you yourself do not need to lift your device, it may still need to be lifted into vehicles or storage spaces, so consider if this will affect your final decision.

Many devices sold at the Mobility Store are either adjustable or come in multiple sizes. Using a device that is not the right size for you can be difficult and may even lead to injury, so ensure your device is correctly sized and adjusted for your body. If you need help with this, be sure to speak to your medical professional or to the Mobility Store staff.

Importantly, listen to any advice given to you by healthcare professionals, and do not go against advice you have been given by your medical practitioner or health professional. If you have been given conflicting advice regarding a mobility aid or any other product we sell, seek clarification before making decisions.