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Pressure Care

Pressure Care

Whether it be standing, sitting or sleeping there is a wide range of products that can assist with relieving pressure on sensitive areas of the body.

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DermaSaver Arm Tube

DermaSaver Arm Tubes are soft and loose with ample air flow reaching the skin allowing for greater h..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

DermaSaver Palm Pillow Hand Protection

DermaSaver Palm Pillows consist of layers of MicroSpring Textile rolled to a 4cm thick pillow. They ..

$55.00 Ex Tax: $55.00

DermaSaver Shin/ Full Leg Tubes New

DermaSaver Shin/ Full Leg Tubes

DermaSaver Shin Tubes are soft and loose with ample air flow reaching the skin. Two layers of MicroS..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

Pressure Care Boot

Provide comfort, support and freedom to those at risk from s..

$139.95 Ex Tax: $139.95

Short Slipper Boot

Designed to provide full foot protection, is ideal for using..

$157.95 Ex Tax: $157.95

Wrap Around Boot (Slimline/ Classic)

The Wrap Around Boot has been designed for those who require protective footwear that is easy to put..

$144.95 Ex Tax: $144.95

DiabPro Diabetic Protection Boot

Designed to protect the feet of people with Diabetes that ar..

$157.95 Ex Tax: $157.95

Sovereign Snug - S / M / L

Regal relaxation for feetCut underneath the ankle, these snug-fitting slippers are ideal for keepi..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $109.95