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Often, if you are living with an injury or disability you my find yourself relying on your equipment for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, this may lead to pressure or discomfort at points where you come into contact with your device. While a lot of these issues can be resolved by choosing appropriate equipment for your needs - for example, a cane with an ergonomic handle, or a rollator correctly adjusted for your height - you may still desire additional support and comfort. Padding, cushions and pillows can relieve the discomfort associated with some devices as well as help with comfort and recovery during relaxation and sleep. The Mobility Store sells a variety of pillows that can help improve posture and provide comfort while sitting or lying down. We also stock specialised cushions such as knee and hip support pillows for joint relief, wedge pillows for comfort during pregnancies, and fitted cushions for wheelchairs.

Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Inflatable Neck Support